Dr. Eldritch (dreldritch) wrote,
Dr. Eldritch

Mumble Wombat Zoop! ZOOP!!

Ask Dr. Eldritch WDMMHM Good News, Everyone! I'll be debuting my second book, "Ask Dr. Eldritch Volume #2 Why Does My Monster Hate Me?" at Stumptown Comics Fest next month! To celebrate, I'm releasing the first twenty copies as a Stumptown Comics Fest Special Edition! They'll be Numbered, Lettered and Signed! So be there at Stumptown on April 16th and/or 17th to get YOUR copy! (Click the image to see a larger version!)

Can a person who hears the mutterings of Those Who Have Gone Beyond in the hiss and pop of electronic devices help Dr. Eldritch? That's the topic of this week's column! Check it out here!
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